About Fearless Flowers

Annie Vanderwarker

About Annie

When it comes to the arts, there are few areas Annie hasn’t been involved in. From making Nantucket baskets to oil painting to weaving with shredded pop cans to decorating furniture with found objects—her artistic output has been varied and adventurous.

“While you can never figure out where you’re going to end up, I think that all the various artistic turns I took have really benefited my arranging, “ Annie explains.


About Fearless Flowers

Fearless Flowers is the first website dedicated to flower arranging with streaming high-quality videos showing how to arrange flowers quickly, easily and, since the arrangements use fewer flowers, economically. The brainchild of Annie Vanderwarker, a Virginia artist and arranger, the site regularly adds new videos featuring arrangements that reflect available flowers, various seasons, and current holidays. The streaming videos are organized by degree of difficulty so you can enter at the level you’re most comfortable with. Guys can check out their own videos in Even For Guys.

To get you up to speed on arranging, the Helpful How-Tos section features streaming tutorials on containers, mechanics, techniques, and a photo gallery of Annie’s arrangements as well as Tips and Tricks and helpful Links.

Whether you spend a few minutes with us, download a couple videos or choose to subscribe, you can come away with interesting ideas and arrangements to enhance your home. “It really is a much-needed resource,” says Annie. “When I found out there was nothing like Fearless Flowers on the Web, it seemed like a great opportunity. I’m delighted to find out so many people are enjoying it.”